About Origo


Origo Partners Plc (“Origo” or the “Company”) is a closed-end investment company that was admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange plc on 21 December 2006. On 20 November 2014, the Company’s shareholders voted to amend the Company’s investing policy to that of a realisation vehicle

On 28 April 2022 trading of the Company’s ordinary shares and convertible preference shares on AIM were temporarily suspended. On 30 May 2022 the Company’s ordinary shares and convertible preference shares were cancelled from trading on AIM.

Investing Policy

Origo Partners Plc (“Origo” or the “Company) holds a portfolio of unquoted interests, and illiquid, publicly traded, equity interests, in companies principally based or active in China and Mongolia (“Portfolio”).

The Company shall, through an orderly realisation program, seek to divest the entire Portfolio over a period of no longer than 4 years (“Realisation Period”) at such time and under such conditions as the Independent Directors may determine in order to maximize value on behalf of Shareholders.
The Company’s realisation policy will not result in any immediate or accelerated sales; investments will only be realised when, in the opinion of the Independent Directors, appropriate terms can be agreed.

During the Realisation Period, the Company shall maintain the ability at its discretion, to pursue follow-on investments in the existing Portfolio companies in order to maximize value and/or facilitate future divestments.

All divestments, and any follow-on investments relating to a Portfolio company, above a cumulative threshold of US$500,000, will be considered and approved by the Independent Directors.
Net proceeds of divestments shall, pursuant to the Company’s Articles of Association, be distributed to shareholders at such time as determined by the Board of Directors, at its absolute discretion, for the purpose of maximizing returns to shareholders while maintaining sufficient liquidity for working capital and provisions for follow-on investments.