HaloSource Wins 2 Awards from Frost & Sullivan for HaloPure Drinking Water Disinfection Technology

HaloSource Wins 2 Awards from Frost & Sullivan for HaloPure Drinking Water Disinfection Technology

HaloSource, Inc., a clean water technology company, announced it has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 Technology Innovation Award and 2010 Hot Investment Opportunity Award for its HaloPure drinking water disinfection technology.

The company said these will be presented to HaloSource at the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards ceremony on Thursday, April 29.

John Kaestle, Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, said, “We are delighted to have been recognized with these awards. We are constantly developing our technology so we can build a business offering cleaner, clearer and safer water solutions. Frost & Sullivan’s endorsement will support the development of partnerships and help broaden our geographic reach in international markets.”

HaloSource has been awarded the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation in the North American residential water treatment market for its non-electric drinking water disinfection technology, HaloPure BR. The company said this technology kills bacteria and viruses that may be present in point-of-use (PoU) drinking water, by using a contact biocide technology that attacks and kills viable or harmful microbes in seconds. Requiring no piped water or electricity, HaloPure BR has none of the limitations of existing technologies and can be applied to a variety of applications providing primary disinfection, safe storage and control of biofilm (the formation of micro organisms in the water or within a device or system).

“With more than 85 percent of the under-developed world’s diseases linked to contaminated drinking water, the HaloPure technology is ideally suited to meet stringent water treatment needs,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Shilpa Tiku. “Another key advantage of HaloSource’s robust technology is that it can be incorporated into virtually any PoU device. The fact that more than 1 million units using HaloPure are now in service across India and HaloSource has active partners in China, Brazil and Europe is a testimony to its superior performance and high return on investment. It has built multiple new applications for its technology and recurring revenue streams from the replacement business.”