Origo’s Chinese breakthrough

Origo’s Chinese breakthrough

The last time Small Talk had a look at Origo Partners, there was a structural overhaul under way.

The Aim-listed private equity group that searches out investments in China and India was merging with its separately-listed natural resources fund, Origo Resource Partners.

The group is now concentrating on its investments and had good news last week from Aqualyng Holding, an Origo portfolio company, that it had landed a deal to build its first desalination plant in China. Bernt Osthus, the chairman of Aqualyng described the deal as “a breakthrough for our company”.

Aqualyng builds and operates desalination plants and its first foray into China will be in the Caofeidian industrial development zone outside of Beijing, where building will start in the next three months.

The contract meant that Aqualyng has to hit the fundraising trial. Origo joined in with $1.1m (£681m), bringing commitments to $18m from existing shareholders and new institutional investors.

Chris Rynning, the cheif executive of Origo, said “This demonstrates Origo’s strategy of identifying, funding and assisting companies to access the Chinese market”.