Identity and percentage holding of significant shareholders

Identity and percentage holding of significant shareholders

Ordinary Shares of £0.0001

The Company has been notified, or is aware, of the following significant holdings:

Ordinary Shares
Pacific Alliance Investment Management91,830,88825.60%
Damille Partners Limited38,750,00010.80%
M&G Investment Management35,538,8899.91%
Armstrong Investments18,600,0005.18%
UBS Wealth Management15,795,0004.40%
Chris Rynning14,570,0404.06%
Wellington Management13,569,4053.78%
Kavi Dhana13,200,0003.68%

Shares not in public hands 40.23%

CZDP Shares
Brooks Macdonald Asset Management22,311,15539.14%
Nortrust Nominees Limited GSYA/ Armstrong Investments4,200,0007.37%
Nortrust Nominees Limited TDS / The Beamish Fund4,146,2507.27%
Harewood Nominees Limited / IFSL Brooks Macdonald Defensive Capital Fund3,645,0006.39%
BNY OCS Nominees Limited / Milton Global Opportunities3,250,0005.70%
Aurora Nominees Limited3,242,6505.69%
Elysium Secretaries Limited2,774,4004.87%
Stephen Blackford2,626,9344.61%


Information last updated 14 May 2021